2009 Acura TSX – LTR update

First off I am quite aware that on a previous post I had promised to post an LTR and my views on the 2009 Acura TSX. Well turned out I forgot.

However off late I am slowly catching up with all points on my to-do list, so eventually that review will show up. However this blog is more of a rant.

I bought my 2009 Acura TSX in October 2008 with 4 miles on the clock, and currently it has 36500 miles on the clock. I average around 2000 or so odd miles a month.
In the 18 or so months I have owned this car, it has been wonderful except for one HUGE issue. The TSX eats brakes. I have had to replace the rear pads on my TSX twice to date. First at 13600 and then again at 35200. Needless to say I am NOT happy about this. Complaining to Client Services did not get me anywhere. Of course there was a reason, there was a lawsuit being dealt in that time frame. Now that they have lost that suit, hope something will come out of this. Its not the money as much as the whole concept of Acura / Honda reliablity. I have never had a car that wore out its rear brakes faster than the fronts. 70% of your braking power is up front, that does not explain how my rear wore out faster. Further more the wear was uneven, with the inside pads wearing out faster than the outside ones.

I know something was wrong the first time it happened despite the dealers assurances that this is common for all Acura TSX’s, but I did not really subscribe to that theory. After the second set wearing out in similar fashion to the first, I am quite comfortable in saying its a design issue since the 2008 Accords have the same problem. I believe it has to do with the single side floating caliper design on the rear brakes. It seems when you lightly press the brakes, the inside pad touches the disc but fails to bring the outside surface of the disc closer to the pad. Which ends up making the inside pad wear out faster. The other thing is that its possibly rubbing on the disc. In either case this needs to be fixed. I’ve been planning to take my feeler gauges to see if there is a difference between the inside and outside pad distances, but time is something I do not seem to have.

Alright off to bed.

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