Photography has been a long time interest of mine. I was introduced to it at a very young age. My dad who used to own a German made Excata SLR camera was my first intro into photography. Though I will admit I was never allowed to use that camera. My mom however let me use her Kodak Instamatic Cassette Camera.

My early days of photography started with a Ladybird book on Photography. I still remember that quite fondly. I bought my first camera age 8. It was some local indian brand manual fixed focus 35mm film camera. I bought it with my own money, though grandma chipped in the last 20. I initially shot black and white, but in the later years I moved on to color. In 1994 the camera died. I had then upgraded to a Nikon Automatic fixed focus 35mm film camera. It was worlds apart from the previous hunk of junk. However a mishap at the mall made sure that got lost. I was then given a Yashica fully automatic zoom 35mm film camera. I still have this one but I am not convinced of its picture quality.

My foray into digital world started in 1998 with a Kodak digital camera from work. My first digital camera was a POS camera that really shouldnt have been called a digital. My brother upgraded to a Toshiba Digital quite soon after. I bought my first digital point and shoot in 2003. It was a Canon A70.

Today I own quite a bit more kit. I currently shoot on my Canon 40D + Lenses + Flashes + Accessories. Or my Canon A75, S1 IS, S3 IS or any other camera I\’ve got. I\’ve gone completely digital but I do miss the good ole film days.