Plotware (A division of Global Tree Enterprises Inc):

Ever since I started at DTSC (Department of Toxic Substances Control), the need to visualize environmental data was ever so important. What started as a program to take plot points and build a 2D/3D model written in Visual Basic; has grown to a program that now tracks boreholes and create models.

The program is still hap hazard as a complete rewrite was required a few years ago. I intend to release this under GPL. Originally the project was assumed to be a commercial one (and I still may), but ethically I could not see myself making money on it.

A lot of the work that went into Plotware was in collaboration to similar work conducted by Ms. Alice Campbell (DTSC Sr. Geologist), who wrote her program out of necessity in Microsoft Excel (with VBA Scripting). Which in itself is a feat.

Both programs currently have a UI that only the programmer can understand. I intend to put a more user friendly UI and release plotware to the public.