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Dedicated CAPS site

Rather than clutter my personal domain, I have a new domain : for all CAPS related information for the 2019-2021 election cycle.

Please make sure you mail your ballots in by October 7, 2019 so it can get to the MK Elections PO Box by October 13, 2019 for opening on October 14, 2019.

Manjul Bose runs for CAPS President: 2015-17

It is no secret that I work for the State of California. It is also no secret that I am a union member with the California Association of Professional Scientists (CAPS) Bargaining Unit 10. In the years past, I have been a quiet observer, watching the current team attempt to gain pay equity that they had promised. But over the last 10 years, disappointment with the existing team in actions has been growing. The existing team has been attempting to keep the current status quo and quash the voices of its members, and it has finally taken it’s toll. I threw my name into the hat. The union deserves an ardent and steadfast leader who will not cave into pressure from the Governor’s office. A leader who will take the union of scientific members and bring our goals to fruition.

If you are here to check out my union credentials and why I would make a good president for the union, please head on to the sparsely optioned CAPS micro-site located at   or click on the CAPS link above on the header.

I hope you vote for change. Manjul Bose for CAPS president!